Noun| Pronunciation: e-FEM-er-os

Meaning: "lasting only one day"


This year, the Foundation Gala is named after the ancient Greek word ephemeros, which means “lasting only one day.” In nature, we use the word ephemeral to describe something that is temporary, transitory or existing only briefly, like creeks, streams and wetlands formed from melting snow and falling rain in the spring, which remain for a short time before being dried up under the sun. The essence of ephemeros can be found throughout nature, but even nature itself has the potential to be ephemeral. Natural resources, such as clean water, are precious but not promised, and could disappear if they are not protected.

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The Conservation Halton Foundation raises funds for projects and programs that protect the natural areas in our watershed, create opportunities to connect with nature, educate our children about the environment and inspire stewardship in our communities. The Foundation Gala is more than just a social gathering in an unusual location. With your support, it has the potential to help keep our streams clean, our forests abundant, our habitats in balance and our natural areas protected for generations to come. 

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Water is one of the most ephemeral elements in nature. This event will explore the temporary, transitory and transparent qualities of water and inspire participants to protect this natural resource. Last year, the Conservation Halton Foundation Gala integrated elements of nature into every aspect of the event to blur the lines between “inside” and “outside”. This year, the Foundation Gala will use nature, art and technology, including movement, projection, reflection and light, to obscure the distinction between “substance” and “illusion.” Tickets include a unique dining experience, inspiring presentation and access to a world of interactive digital art installations and immersive sensory experiences.


Kelso Quarry

5437 Steeles Ave W, Milton, ON


Individual tickets and tables are both available for purchase. For invoicing options, please contact Garner Beckett at gbeckett@hrca.on.ca.



CHRIS HINES is an environmental activist and co-founder of Surfers Against Sewage, which is a marine conservation charity that is dedicated to protecting the oceans from sewage, plastic and other forms of pollution. Today, he is focused on strategic planning, communications, leadership and integrating sustainability into operations for business profitability. Later, Chris served as the Sustainability Director at the Eden Project, which is an indoor rain forest with plants collected from diverse climates and environments around the world, where he developed a "waste neutral program," implemented a "circular economy" system and worked to embed the "triple bottom line" into the practices. Chris has given presentations to BMW Guggenheim Future Lab, Bombay Sapphire and Lonely Planet to name a few, sits on the BBC Sustainability Advisory Group, has provided evidence to the UK Parliament and the European Commission, briefed the President of the European Parliament and served as special advisor to the Minister for the Environment. Chris believes that business can be a force for good and strives to bring positive change by working with those that have a shared vision.

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For more information, please contact Garner Beckett at gbeckett@hrca.on.ca.



Sponsoring this event is an opportunity to elevate your brand, expand your network and align your values with the Conservation Halton Foundation. We have a number of sponsorship options, depending on the level of financial support that you are able to provide, with a range of benefits for each. Please contact Garner Beckett at gbeckett@hrca.on.ca for more information.