Noun| Pronunciation: free-loofts-liv

Meaning: free-air-life


This year, the theme of the Conservation Halton Foundation Gala is the Scandinavian concept of friluftsliv. Literally, this word translates to “free air life” but a more meaningful definition is a lifestyle that is focused on being outside and a culture that encourages a deep connection with nature. Just as this lifestyle refreshes the spirit, we have been working to refresh the Conservation Halton Foundation with a refined sense of purpose. Come celebrate the essence of friluftsliv and help make our vision of clean streams, abundant forests, thriving wildlife and healthy communities a reality.

the foundation

protect, connect and inspire

The Conservation Halton Foundation raises funds for projects and programs that protect the natural areas in our watershed, create opportunities to connect with nature, educate our children about the environment and inspire stewardship in our communities. This year, we are relaunching the Foundation Gala with a refreshed vision and we want you to be part of this new direction. The Foundation Gala is more than just a social gathering in an unusual location. With your support, it has the potential to help keep our streams clean, our forests abundant, our habitats in balance and our natural areas protected for generations to come. 

the gala 

Just as friluftsliv refreshes the spirit, we are relaunching the Foundation Gala with a renewed vision and a refined purpose. Friluftsliv promises to be a premier fundraising event, with some of the most influential members of our community, but this isn’t going to be your average evening. This event will bring together the industrial feel of a warehouse venue, with the stunning restoration results of the surrounding quarry and elements of nature integrated into every aspect of the event, until the lines between “inside” and “outdoors” are blurred. Tickets include delicious food, inspiring presentations, a series of interactive experiences, music and other entertainment, a bonfire on the beach and exclusive access to the award-winning Kelso Quarry before it is open to the public. Dress code is “rugged-formal” so leave the high heels at home.

Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 6pm

Kelso Quarry

5437 Steeles Ave W, Milton, ON

Individual tickets and tables are both available for purchase. For invoicing options, please contact Garner Beckett at

the speakers

keynote: jerry enGström 

Jerry Engström is a former marketing executive from Sweden, who held positions such as Global Marketing Director for Swedish outdoor company, Fjällräven, before he changed careers to pursue his dream of creating an outdoor meeting place for people to connect. FriluftsByn, which translates to "the outdoor village," has hosted a number of high-profile events and been awarded as the most innovative tourism company in Sweden. Jerry has received countless awards, including "Placebrander of the Year," "New Entrepreneur of the Year," "Country Builder of the Year" and "Sweden’s Best Marketing Manager." Driven by the desire to "live with nature", rather than just "talk about nature," Jerry has made a name for himself, both in Sweden and around the world, as an expert in tourism, marketing and "place branding," as an ambassador for the friluftsliv lifestyle and as a charismatic and engaging speaker. We look forward to having Jerry join us for a presentation about friluftsliv, how it has influenced his work and ways it can be applied to land acquisition, planning and development, tourism and destination development, marketing and branding, entrepreneurship, community engagement and stakeholder relationships.

opening remarks: eddy robinson 

Eddy Robinson is an Indigenous artist, teacher, musician, educator, facilitator, trainer, writer, consultant and speaker. Born and raised in Toronto, Eddy is Anishinabe (Ojibway/Cree) and a member of the Crane clan, which is a leadership clan for the Anishinabek. As a young man, spending time with Traditional Healers and Elders and singing Traditional Pow Wow music on the Dewegun (Drum) helped Eddy find his cultural identity, get in touch with his spirituality​ and turn his life around when things were heading in the wrong direction. Now he shares his knowledge and experience with others and works to improve the quality of life for Indigenous communities throughout Ontario

the CHEFs

guy rawlings & friends 

Chef and owner of Mongomery's Restaurant in Toronto, Guy Rawlings, will be providing a curated menu for the Friluftsliv Gala, inspired by the surrounding natural area where we will be dining. The menu will be his unique interpretation of Canadian food, with every one of the menu items made using only Canadian ingredients, including local cold-pressed oils, salt made using sea water from the Pacific Ocean, herbs and spices grown in his own garden and other ingredients foraged from Halton Hills. Guy will also be joined by a number of chefs from within his culinary circle, who will each be preparing delicious food from a menu of their own. 



Sponsoring this event is an opportunity to elevate your brand, expand your network and align your values with the Conservation Halton Foundation. We have a number of sponsorship options, depending on the level of financial support that you are able to provide, with a range of benefits for each. Please contact Garner Beckett at for more information.

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For more information, please contact Garner Beckett at

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